Fascinating and Colourful

Beads are wonderful ornaments, real works
of art. Bead-makers past and present have created a wealth of varied and intricate designs, each beautiful in its own right and fascinating to behold. So much work goes into the making of these tiny jewels, quite unbelievable!


Today we associate beads with jewellery, but over the course of the centuries, beads also had other functions. These small colourful and beautifully fascinating works of art are a reflection of the cultures which they were a part of. They give us valuable information on the social, economic, political and religious life of those who made them and wore them as symbols and adornment.


Beads Unique


Immerse yourself in a world of extraordinarily beautiful beads not only from Africa, but from all continents.


Noteworthy is that all beads are handmade.
The outstanding craftsmanship and creativity exhibited by the bead-makers whose ability
to create an interesting interplay of form, shape and colour is impressive. Handcrafted beads should be appreciated not only for their beauty but also for all the hard work and time it takes to finish a single bead. These little items of adornment reflect the respective culture and traditions of the people who produce them.




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